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Rail Staff Awards
Rail Engineer of the Year 2012


I am currently employed as a Senior Integration Engineer within the telent Rail Group working on various systems and providing pre sales technical support and system design for Rail/Station systems. Design and implementation of mobility solutions for London Underground Stations  including telent DVA for IOS , CCTV gate line control .

During my career I have worked for numerous departments and divisions working on varied projects through the entire product life cycle including system design , implementation , software design, code and debugging, investigating hardware/software/system problems, testing and debugging prototype hardware units ,ongoing customer support, System design, digital and analogue circuit design, system & sub system hardware and software integration, I have also been responsible for investigating customer problems both remote and  on customers sites. I have also represented Marconi/Telent/GPT/GEC to customers for product demonstrations, acceptance testing, development meetings, training (providing) and during first office applications both in the UK and abroad.

·            I have SC security clearance

·            I have also been police checked by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)

If you travel through London you may come across systems I’ve designed/developed and some that I’ve also installed.
Every DLR next train announcement is provided through a software interface I developed and installed.
If you look at DLR departure information on the Internet or DLR Concourse Displays that a system I developed and installed.
If you hear an announcements at London underground Station including Bank, West Ham, Bond Street, Baker Street, Hillingdon, Rayners Lane, West Ham , North Greenwich, Canary Wharf, Canada Water, Bermondsey , Southwark , Tottenham Hale , South Kensington, London Bridge,Moorgate  that is a system I designed and developed.
I was also part of the team that produced the Station Management System for most Jubilee Piccadilly and Northern Line Stations.

I have Skills in

·       System Design
·       Interface development
·       Integration of Software and Hardware systems.
·       Installation / Commissioning and Debugging of Equipment and Software. Various Telecoms equipment’s VOIP,PDH/SDH/PSTN/ISDN , IP Equipment, PC’s, IP CCTV systems , Moxa Terminal Servers, Advantech Adam RTU’s, ASL Audio Router and PA Systems, Bosch CCTV system components, Complus Help Point system, Verint Nextivia IP CCTV , Tecton DVR’s
·        Experience with test equipment
·        Windows Mobile 5 and 6 and CAB installer files
·        Windows Mobile Development (C# and C++) and mobile provisioning
·        SQL Server replication for mobile devices
·       Sharepoint 2007 .
·       Sharepoint 2007 .development in C#
·       Subversion .
       Customer Acceptance testing.
·       Qualified to 16th Edition Electrical Regulations.  C&G .2381/2391 (2003)
·        C#, C  (12 Years experience), Visual Studio C++ (9 Years Experience)
       Visual Studio 6
·        Visual Studio .Net 2003 /2005
·        SCADA Systems
·        Codra Panorama E²
·        MODBUS
·        SQL Server 2005
·       Oracle 7.3 & 9.2 DBA, Design, Installation and PQL/SQL programming
·       VB 6 and VBScript experience.
·       Voice Over IP technologies
·       SNMP management.
·       Full product/software Lifecycle
·        Windows Software Development (MFC)
·        Customer Support and Product Training
·        Operating systems UNIX, DOS, Windows NT XP 2003, PSOS, Vrtx
·        Hardware and Software debugging tools.
·        PC installation and configuration.
·        Telecommunications, PSTN, X25, V5.1, ISDN, TCP/IP, VOIP
·        Management Systems.
·        HCI, MMI, Embedded systems user interfaces.
·        3rd Party Hardware integration
·         Eicon X25 Development suite
·        Cabling
·        Rack build .


Oldbury Wells School



A Levels

Physics and Computer Science

O Levels

Physics, Computer Studies, Math's, Additional Maths, Horticulture, Geography and English

Coventry Technical College


Diagnostic Test Engineer

Analogue and Digital techniques

Open University 1994

M860 Software Engineering (110 hours)



Course Name




EMUA 119 Alarm system Management


November 2013

1 Day

IOS IPAD and IPHONE development


June 2013

4 Days

Voice Alarm Systems


November 2012

1 Day

Cisco Video Surveillance Manager on line training


September 2009

6 Hours

Pedriatic First Aid

Early Years

March 2012

12 Hours

Appear Networks . Appear IQ Context engine.

Appear Networks

October 2007

4 Days

IP Engineering Foundation

Wray Castle

September 2006

1 Day

Equipment Room Awareness

Metronet Signalling Systems Training Centre

June 2006

Repeated June 2008

June 2012

1 Day

Partner Technical Training for the Elpas Local Positioning System

Visonic Technologies

April 2006

3 Days

London Underground Fire Safety and access training
(LUCAS card)


Feb 2006 repeated Feb 2008, 2009,2012

1/2 Day

Oracle 9.2 Database Administration

Learning Tree Int.

March 2004

5 Days

City & Guilds 2391: Level 3 Certificate in Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations

Sutton Coldfield College

December 2003

12 Weeks (evenings)

City & Guilds 2377-001: Certificate of Competent Management of Electrical Equipment Maintenance

Sutton Coldfield College

Feb 2004

1 Day

City & Guilds 2377-002: Certificate of Competence for the Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (PAT Testing)

Sutton Coldfield College

Feb 2003

1 Day

City & Guilds 2381: Level 3 Certificate in the Requirements For Electrical Installations : BS 7671

Sutton Coldfield College

June 2003

12 Weeks (evenings)

Marconi Soft switch Overview (Voice over IP)


May 2004

1 Day

Sybase fast track to ASE 12.5

Sybase Education

Sept 2002

5 Days

Understanding the networking of TCP/IP


Jan 2001


Oracle 7 Database Administration

Learning Tree Int.

April 1997

5 Days

EMC Awareness

Interference Technology LTD

Nov 1990

3 Days

Leadership and Team-Work for Newly Appointed   Managers'

Development Training LTD

April 1990

1 Week

Project History

2014 Station Management System Design for South Kensington and Greenford Station.

2014 Moorgate telent DVA, Design, Installation ,Test and Staff training.

2014 Clapham Junction Station MICA and comms design.

2014 telent Gai-tronics technical demonstration system for Infarail 2014.

2014 Commission and testing Alan Bradley PLC at new DLR Pudding Mill Lane Station for DLR Passenger Help Points

2014 Demonstration of integrated GSM/SIP Help Point solutions to Network Rail

2014 Kings Cross CIS upgrades.

2014 Buckhurst Hill – Ongoing development for Solo Station Operation

2014 Jubilee ,Northern and Picadilly Line Remote Isolation Fire Panel Interfaces

2014 Canary Wharf IP CCTV Solution Protocol Converter for BTP and SIMS

2014 South Harrow IPAD System

2014 Jubilee Line Word Safe replacement

2014 Concept design of DLR integrated IP CCTV  and MICA System

2013 Buckhurst Hill IPAD IP CCTV and DVA trial for London Underground

2013 Design for LU Kennington Station CIS upgrade


2013 Design of JLE Audio Recorder Replacements

2013 London Underground Cross Rail Station Operations Room System Integration. Working in collaboration with London Underground I was responsible for the  CDS . Technical Architecture, Teat and Migration Strategy, HF , SOR Room Layouts allowing the central section cross rail stations to integrate with the existing London underground stations.

2013 Paddington (H&C) line station,

telent DVA configuration and integration.


2010- Date telent DVA , design ,development and software and hardware implementation.


2011- Date Automatic Disruption Voice System for London Underground.


2012-2013 London Underground Bond Street Station, Station Management System Migration.
Design and development of a MICA replacement for the existing Metronet Station Management System


2013 Technical representative on telents Railtex stand.


2013 Development of demonstration systems for Railtex 2013


2013 Design ,configuration and installation of interface between the SIMS system at these stations to new DVR’s to relace the legacy VCR recorders at 8 London Underground Jubilee Line Stations

West Ham, Canning Town, North Greenwich, Canada Water, Bermondsey, London Bridge, Southwark, Canary Wharf.


2012 Concept Design of DLR Cable Car Information System


2012 Design and development of a DVA for the Bank London Underground Station for Atkins


2012 Design and development of a DVA for the Baker Street London Underground Station.


2012 Design and development of a DVA for the London Underground Stations Hillingdon and Rayners Lane


2012 Design and implementation of a Station Management System for Stratford (Greater Anglia) Network Rail Station


2012 DLR DAISY (Docklands Arrival Information System) .
Design and implementation of a update to the system to support ESUB’s and additional information to DLR Station Concourse Displays for the Olympics.
Included new windows XP embedded images for all displays.


2012 DLR Flight Information Screens
Embedded Display Update to support London City Airport departure information at select DLR Stations for the Olympics.


2012 Systems Integration and Implementation of a MICA system for Stratford Network Rail Station for the Olympics


2011 Design ,configuration and installation of a DVA solution for 8 London Underground Jubilee Line Stations

West Ham, Canning Town, North Greenwich, Canada Water, Bermondsey, London Bridge, Southwark, Canary Wharf.


2011 DLR PA to Signalling System Interface. Development of an interface between Thales signalling system and ASL PA system providing  next train announcements.


2010 DLR Long Line PA control interface to provide control between an ASL PA system and legacy Ditra PA system


2011 Technical representative on telents Railtex stand..


2011 DLR DAISY (Docklands Arrival Information System) .
Design and implementation of a replacement Customer Service Information System. To provide Summary of Departure information for existing displays at DLR stations and the customers via the internet.


2010 Design and development of a DVA for South Kensington London Underground Station

2010 –Current  Thales SMS (Station Management System) due diligence process. As part of a 5 year maintenance contract for London Underground telent had taken over maintenance of this black box system.
My role was to forensically analyse the system to understand how it works and interacts with other systems and therefore how to support this system (with no assistance from the original supplier).
Ongoing support to our Maintance group

2010 Responsible for the telent integrated command and control customer demonstration centre.
This involved coming up with new ideas  ,system
configuration setup and integration including writing custom software for a wide and diverse set of products to demonstrate solutions to customers. This includes Cisco products such as CCTV, Cisco Video Surveillance Manager, Energy wise, Cisco Call Manager, Cisco IP Phones, Mitel IP Phones, Asterisk Call Manager, Windows 2003 Server, Exchange Email System, SharePoint 2007,  VM Ware, Panorama , Mica , IP CCTV, IP Help point and Intercom Systems , 100Volt Voice Alarm Systems , IP based PA systems, DVA (Digial Voice Announcer),  Amey and ATOS CIS Systems, Bluetooth systems, and Custom Mobility solutions including VOIP, Google maps. RFID.

March 2009
Integration of Cisco’s energywise with various other systems to demonstrate power management through smart integration.

 Set up configuration and integration of Cisco’s Video surveillance manager (VSM,VSOM and VSMC) .
Set up and integration of the Sensor Access Access Control System.

Integration of a Cisco Call manager into the IP demonstration System.
Integration with a rail Customer Information System from ATOS.

SCADA alarm definition and development of the MICA system to support the upgrade of EX Jubilee Line Extension stations on the underground.
Alarm definition and development of monitoring interfaces for existing Lift and Escalator systems.

Tools for our maintenance department to better monitor and manage Alerts from the third party Central SCADA alarm management system.


Energy management system integration between a room booking system  in Exchange/Outlook and Cisco Energy wise and IP, PC Power control. This allows conference room assets only to be powered up when the room is booked. It also provides a web interface of current bookings across the organisation.


June 09
Set up and configuration of a mobile demonstration unit for use at Cisco’s HQ at bedfont lakes.

2009 Mica Support

On site and remote second line maintenance support of the MICA station management system as required but the underground maintenance team.



Feb/March 2009 Demonstration Systems

For the Railtex and Metro Rail 09 shows I integrated into telent’s MICA system an IP based helppoint system using  an Asterisk IP PBX , Gai-Tronics  and  ASCOM VOIP helppoint’s MITEL,CISCO and windows Mobile VOIP phones. IP CCTV cameras from AXIS , Grandeye , IqEye and Sirius display’s.

   I set up a VOIP help point system using Asterisk and endpoints from CISCO, MITEL, Gai-tronics and ASCOM to provide the same features as the Commend ISDN analogue system.

  I also produced a Windows Mobile MICA remote prototype allowing

a)      Live announcements using a 100Volt line PA system.

b)      DVA announcements using a 100Volt line PA system.

c)      Streaming CCTV images to the PDA

d)     Display of Customer Information Screen Mimics,

e)      Selection of Analogue CCTV feeds for display on the device.


For display purposes I produced a windows XP based SIP Helppoint Kiosk application that displays a standard network rail CIS information display on a Gai-Tronics information tower.

I also set up a Bluetooth system from ‘BlipSystems’ and integrated live CIS data feeds to push live departures and arrivals to enabled Bluetooth phones.

MetroRail 09 Kensington Olympia

For the MetroRail 09 show at Olympia I reworked the demonstration system from Railtex for the smaller stand and to include some new Touch Screen Help Point Systems from Ascom and GAI-Tronics  . I was also part of the team who set up our stand and attended each day to demonstrate our systems and to discuss any technical issues with customers.


March Railtex 09 Earls Court
As well as producing the demonstration system I was also part of the team who set up our stand and attended each day to demonstrate the systems and to discuss any technical issues with customers.


2008/9 MICA Group Station Control

As part of a feature upgrade I was responsible for designing and implementing changes to subsystems within the MICA Station Management system to support the London Underground requirement for Group Station’ control.

2008 Metasphere User Group

For the Metasphere user group meeting (2008) demonstration of  the Appear Networks mobility solutions.

2008 Waterloo Underground Station Upgrade

As part of the planned upgrade works on parts of the London underground Jubliee Line. I investigated and integrated communications between the MICA station management system and the installed base of transmitton Fast Flex RTU’s (models ff011,ff230,ff200,ff030,ff014e).


2008 IP08 Demonstration System Earls Court

For the IP08 show at Earls Court I integrated into telent’s MICA system an IP based helppoint system by Commend  that utilizes a Digium Asterisk IP PBX. I also configured Cisco IP phones to interwork with this system. Also for this demo I set up IP CCTV , Windows Mobile VOIP,  Appear networks mobility solution, my Windows Mobile form’s application ,Sharepoint document distribution. I also had to produce a Sign Controller application in c# to control message displays on Infotec LED displays.

2008 Mobile Form’s Application

The mobile forms application allows forms to be designed and distributed to mobile devices, To allow users to complete the forms in an offline mode, completed forms are then uploaded to a server for processing. All form data and results are in an XML file. The forms allow Photos and Signatures to be captured etc.

This application consists of 4 separate applications
a) Mobile Forms Designer. a desktop application that allows mobile forms (or sets of forms) to be designed or modified
b) Forms mobile application, this allows forms to be rendered and data entered on windows mobile devices.
c) Forms result renderer, this renders the captured data into an HTML page
d) Form results to database application, this parses the completed forms and stores the results into SQL server tables.

2007-2009 Support to telent Maintenance

Responsible for investigating and diagnosing problems with the installed systems. Following each identified fault through to resolution, through either a bug fix , patch work instruction etc.

2008 Sharepoint 2007 mobility

I designed , implemented and integrated a solution involving sharepoint 2007 document management and integrated distribution to mobile based users. With distribution and read receipt tracking for the off line user base.

Developments included sharepoint GUI  customisation ,custom sharepoint C# workflows developed in visual studio 2008,sharepoint custom types and event handlers , IIS Web services and associated C# Windows Mobile 6 client applications

2008 CBIT Demonstration System

Setup and customisation of various hardware and software components to demonstrate telent’s systems and integration capabilities for the CBIT show. This work was based in Germany.


2007 EWS RAPIDE Project.

The RAPIDE project equips drivers with handheld devices for receiving and confirming the “train consist” information as well as accessing to other business critical information (sign on/sign off, crew roster, temporary speed limits, operating manuals, GPS location etc…)

Skills required for this project I needed skills in C#, Microsoft .Net Compact framework, Windows Mobile development and provisioning, IIS web services. JAVA . This project also involved working on the customer’s premises in Doncaster.


2007 Access Control System Integration.

I integrated the Guard Point Pro access control system by sensor access into the MICA system.


2007  RFID Reader Integration

I integrated wave trend RFID technology into the mica system.


2007 Oracle 10 Database.

I have been responsible for some oracle 10 stored procedures to allow two system to exchange data , on system is a BMC Remedy system (using Oracle) and the other a bespoke application linking to backend Highways agency systems for the collection of fault data.


2007 Demonstration Systems

I built and configured various demonstration systems for trade shows such as CBIT, the Light rail , Public Transport shows and for Telent Germany, this has involved integrating various equipment such as RFID tagging,  access control systems from Sensor Access Technology, PA systems and IP camera technology and PDA integration.



Tubelines Station Management System MICA (April 2005 to date)

I joined this small group of 6 engineers to implement the SCADA station management system MICA (Management Integrated and Control of Assets)  for the Northern ,Jubilee and Piccadilly London tube line upgrades using Codra’s Panorama Enterprise Edition. This Management system integrates CCTV, PA, Help Points and alarm management functions in one touch screen user interface.  For this project I have been responsible for some design and coding, being responsible for the SCADA/alarms/configuration subsystem . I have also written the hardware and software debugging guide for maintenance commissioning purposes. I have also used the Advantech Adam SDK, Visowave DVR SDK, Windows WMI

For this project I have used Microsoft SQL 2000 server , VBScript ,ATL ,COM,DCOM,OPC (OLE for Process control).

I provided on site assistance to the commissioning team during initial commissioning throughout June/July 2006 working both days and nights.

I was responsible for upgrading 7 of the initial 9 station installations working nights for 3 weeks in October/November 2006.


1984 to 2005

GEC/GPT/Marconi Communications

New Century Park

PO Box 53




SoftSwitch  (October 2004 to April 2005)

I joined the Softswitch sub system integration group doing subsystem integration on the Marconi Voice over IP Call Agent.

This role requires integeration/testing and fault finding using various Unix/PC based tools and ethernet protocols, SNMP,DHCP,TFTP,FTP,OSPF,MGCP etc and using tools such as Mib viewers and Ethereal to this end I have written an Ethereal plug (using Microsoft Visual Studio 6)in for Windows to decode a Marconi Protocol for integration/testing/debugging purposes.

As well as Softswitch during this period I still do product support for both MD202 and Fast Access systems.


FAST ACCESS (Feb 2004 to September 2004)

Totally responsible for a BT upgrade for this product, new features and migration to Oracle 9.2 on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP clients Client software migrated to Visual Studio .Net 2003.(C++) Management System Screen Shot


MD202 Customer Upgrade June 2004

I planned and performed upgrades of a MD202 system's including replacing subracks for one of our customers.


MD202 CROSS CONNECT RELEASE 4.4 (Product Details)

(Jan 2004 to June 2004)
Local Craft Terminal software changes (SNMP management)  (Visual Studio 6 C++), Upgrade Tools and Upgrade procedure. I also produced the Install CD.
LCT Screen Shot , Software Validation Tool Screen Shot



(2003 to June 2004)

Embedded software coding (C) for new requirements.
Customer Service center Staff training.
Marconi Services TAC and commissioning engineers Training.
Responsible for the Live Upgrade procedure, Out of hours support for the upgrades and site visits to investigate solve problems.
I also produced the Install CD.



      I wrote a X25 to IP gateway on a Windows NT 4.0 PC using an Eicon X25 card. To replace a custom hardware/software solution that was giving problems.
This solution involved a TFTP loader service that loaded a new image from a TFTP server and then started this image as a Windows Service to perform the protocol conversion. The management of this service was via a Telnet interface to a special port number.


SNMP Message decoder, interceptor and packet dropper (2003)

      I wrote using visual studio .net a tool to allow SNMP management messages to be decoded delayd and dropped to aid testing interaction between a SNMP manager and agent. Screen Shot


MD202 CROSS CONNECT (October 2000 to 2003)

I worked in a multi-site team (Poole, Coventry, Chelmsford, Edinburgh) to port an existing application from a Motorola 68K based hardware platform to a Power PC based hardware platform.

I then became involved with part of the project that involved using a 3rd party Software house (Spider software) for various protocol stacks (X25, LLC2, X25 over IP).

I was responsible for the following activities:

        Installation CD design & Implementation

        Upgrade procedures Implementation and testing

        Customer support and training

        On Site customer upgrades

        Test tool implementation

        3rd Party project management.

        Integrating 3rd party software protocol stacks (X25, LLC2, X25 over IP) (Spider) into the Marconi products.

        Support and device driver development (TMS320C6000) to enable porting 3rd party software to a Texas Instruments based DSP hardware platform.

        Integrated 3rd party software to Marconi PSOS based Power PC platform.

        Produced Various PC based simulators (Using Visual Studio) to help load test the product.


FAST ACCESS 32 BIT UPGRADE (March2000 –October2000)

            This involved using Visual Studio V6 (C++) on Windows NT ,Oracle 7.3 and included all customer consultation/ development/ testing/ installation/ customer training and customer acceptance.


MD202 CROSS CONNECT (June 1999-March 2000)

            Adding new features to the Windows based Local Controller

            This involved using Visual Studio V5 (C++) on Windows NT to add functionality to the user interface. The LCT used SNMP to manage the equipment.



CODE UPGRADE (June 1999)

            For the Fast Access product our customer had written some visual basic code to interface between one of our software modules and their system. But due to a problem with windows 95 it became necessary to implement a change to the interface between the two modules. Due to a lack of customer resource I was given the customer code to edit, re compile and test.



            I was involved in assessing a Payphone Management System for modification to manage the Dart packet radio telephone system and producing a management brief to support this.


DART (October 1998)

            I was involved in Dart packet radiotelephone system producing requirements for an Alarm task, understanding the university written C++ embedded software and doing some system validation.


OKI Cross Connect Robot   (August 1998) (OKI)

            I looked into and produced a report detailing the changes and benefits in adding the OKI cross connect Robot into the Fast Access System with respect to reselling this to our customers. (This involved understanding windows C++ software supplied by OKI from Japan).


FAST ACCESS SUPPORT (April 1998 to date)

Attend monthly project meetings with the customer and provided all software and Database support for the ongoing support of this product.



I was responsible for visiting the customers sites around the UK to install and commission the Fast Access Windows NT4/Oracle Server and Client Workstations and to provide training on the system.


FAST ACCESS  (October 1997 to April 1998)

            The Fast Access System is designed to manage 360,000 Customer Lines in the BT PSTN network.

            As the Main Systems Engineer and the only Software engineer on this project I have been responsible for turning Customer requirements into reality. This included replacing the dial up modem link of the prototype with X25, adding V24 interfaces and software download to the Firmware on the Fast Access Hardware. Adding new functionality to the hardware with firmware to suite.

            Upgrading the initial single user Management System with a Client Server based management system using Windows 95 and Oracle on windows NT. Adding DDE control facilities to allow Robotic control.

            I was also responsible for training all the Customers personnel, as well as representing Marconi Communications in all customer negotiations and technical meetings. I am also responsible currently for 3rd line software support.


CMUX 2 V5.1 International (March  1997)

For this role I was a Team leader of a small team of engineers responsible for adapting the initial V5.1 UK protocol software on the CMUX product.

            The initial target was for Poland. The main area of change was to make the software flexible enough to meet the needs of the European / world-wide variations in the PSTN part of the V5.1 protocol.

            I was responsible for selecting, specifying all the new specialist equipment needed for this project.

            I supervised and provided support from the UK to 2 of my engineers visiting an exchange in Poland and completing the successful trial against a Siemens EWSD switch.

            Once a upgrade of the software for UK V5.1 protocol had been proved the team leader role and team was passed on to someone else to carry the project forward so that I could continue with another project.


V5.1 SIMULATION (January  1997)

I wrote forth Scripts for the Siemens K1297 V5.1 Simulator to allow simulation of the V5.1 PSTN and Management interfaces.


CMUX 2 Test Facility (October 1996)

CMUX 2 is Marconi Communications access multiplexer supplying PSTN/ISDN and Data services.

After joining the CMUX 2 software team and completing the design and implementation of the Human Machine Interface upgrade and Remote Management options for the implementation of ETSI V5.1. I was asked to look at and implement some automated testing facilities for testing of the new Human Machine Interface , Remote Management Interface  and V5.1 interfaces.

            To meet the requirements I used a Mix of C++ windows applications a Macro based scripting facility and Siemens K1297 for V5.1 simulation



Other Roles have included

·         Demonstration Management System for Remote Test heads (Windows & C)

·         X25 Interface system to test remote management and results gathering for a Line Test subsystem of System X  (Sun Sparc and C).

·         Embedded Test Software for a new System X subsystem (Microtec C)

·         Integration /debug of hardware/Software for a System X subsystem.

·         System Proving Team Leader for a System X subsystem

·         Post Development Support for Hardware for a Legacy System X subsystem

·         Product Support Engineer. Investigating hardware/software problems on System X Cards, Leasing with Manufacturing Test and Development to rectify.

·         Diagnostic Test Engineer. Fault finding to component level on PBX and System X Slide in Units.



DLR Daisy Screen at Stratford and Canning Town Stations


MICA Remote

MICA systems at Railtex 2013

Moorgate telent DVA

telent DVA- Handheld Solution